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About Us

NAV World Ltd is an independent group of NAV users who leverage highly focused education that is 100% end-user driven and directed. This community of users gets together (remotely and face-to-face) through a myriad of conferences, virtual tools, and programs to share knowledge and best practices. Our membership is made up of professionals who use Microsoft Dynamics NAV in their jobs every day, with roles including manufacturing, finance, IT, warehousing, distribution, sales, and marketing.

Mission :

To maximize value to individuals and companies using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Vision :

To engage every individual and company using Microsoft Dynamics NAV in value-added networking and knowledge sharing and to be the single most important conduit for Microsoft to seek guidance on future development of Dynamics NAV.

 Work Force :

Every employee over 5 year of experience. Consultants are Certified in Dynamics NAV. Expertise in Global roll outs.

Why Us?

Because we believe in providing good quality not just the first time,but every time.

 We are certified on :

•MB7-840: Microsoft Dynamics NAV C/SIDE Introduction. •MB7-841: Microsoft Dynamics NAV C/SIDE Solution development. •MB7-838: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Installation and Configuration. •MB7-842: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trade and Inventory •MB7-701: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Core Setup & Finance •MB5-705: Manage Microsoft Dynamics Implementations.

Our Offers

Round the year discounts and low development charges.

We offer :

• Discounts on user license purchases. • Discounts on Annual enhancement plans. • Estimates before work there by avoid additional costs. • Lowest development rates.

Covering Sectors


Manufacturing of furniture

With our extensive experience in manufacturing sector we help improve the efficiency of your production orders. Improve supply planning, stay agile and respond quickly to customer demands. Manage capacity requirement planning more effectively. We streamline your order planning by providing visibility and tools needed to plan demand from sales line and then to create different types of supply orders directly.

Financial Management


Our consultants are certified in NAV Financials and can help you efficiently manage book keeping and inventory.Simply your cash flow management through Bank  account management, electronic payments & Direct debits, reconciliation of incoming and out going bank transactions and Bank account reconciliation features.We help you work with with multiple currencies, locations, legal entities or companies.

Supply Chain Management


Streamline your supply chain with the process improvement features and workflow approval processes. We set up your service management, create calendar entries for sales, purchase, transfer order, production order, requisition and planning worksheets. Improve your sales and purchase order management along with return order management as well. Provide decision maker with up to date information about stock. Add value to your supply chain by improving responsiveness and by working more efficiently with partners.

Warehouse Management


Keeping date accurate is important to maintain warehouse effectively. Using NAV’s automated data capturing feature we help you capture date automatically even in a hectic environment. Easily create pick and put-always without creating a source document for your internal purposes maintaining bins properly. We help you manage items at bin level and provide you recommendations on moving items between bins through reports.